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Soomarie Singh

Nicholas Bhimsingh

Robin Seemongal-Dass

Date of Post: 25 March 2021

"The Three O's of Eyes"  article written for World Optometry Day 2021


Lauren Paula Robinson

Date of Post: 23 March 2021

TTOA article written for

World Optometry Day 2021

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Rashmi Mathur

Date of Post: 12 March 2021

TTOA article written for World Glaucoma Week 2021


Phillip Rossouw

Date of Post: February 2021

TTOA article on Low Vision


Stephanie Marchack

Date of Post: 30. Nov, 2020

"Covid-19 and the Blue screen challenge"

International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB)

The Vision Atlas gives a panoramic view on all things eye health and is a compilation of the very latest eye health data and evidence. It is a tool for all who believe that in the 21st century, no one should have to live with vision loss from eye conditions that can be easily treated or prevented.


The World Council of Optometry (WCO) is an international membership-based non-profit organization for individual optometrists, industry professionals and optometric organizations.


Our vision is of a world where optometry makes high quality eye health and vision care accessible to all people.


Our mission is to facilitate the development of optometry around the world and support optometrists in promoting eye health and vision care as a human right through advocacy, education, policy development and humanitarian outreach.


Digital contact lenses patented by Google aim to change the course of diabetes management by measuring blood glucose levels from tears.


While the prototype is going through vigorous testing, regulations must prepare to quickly allow this disruptive technology to enter the market and benefit patients.


Transnet-Phelophepa is a healthcare clinic on wheels that travels into areas of rural South Africa where there is just one doctor for every 5,000 patients.


Literally translated, ‘Phelophepa’ means ‘good, clean health’ and this encapsulates the essence of what the train aims to achieve.